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Farong muay thai singapore

Maximize Your Full Potential.

top Authentic Muay Thai gym in Singapore

ABOUT Farong

We are an authentic MuayThai Gym in both Singapore and Thailand.
With a combined of over 20 years of coaching experience, we assure you a place of safe and fun training in a supportive community. 

Our aim is to spread the benefit of training MuayThai & Boxing. Be it a seasoned fighter or a complete beginner, we have the tools to sharpen and make a better version of YOU after every session. 

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Our Team

Coach GL.jpg


Co. Founder and Head Coach of Farong MuayThai.
A man with a fiery passion for martial arts, Coach G.L have been imparting his martial arts knowledge and skills for 17 years.

He first picked up martial art at the age of 7 and since have competed locally & internationally for amateur & professional fights representing Singapore. Coach G.L competed in his last professional Muay Thai fight in 2018 in Thailand & cornered his fighter in the most prestigious Lumpinee Stadium 

He's experience in coaching people from all walks of life, seeking to challenge the physical and mental limits of his students to ensure they understand what it takes to be a Muay Thai practitioner.

Coach Steve.jpg


Co. Founder and Head Coach of Farong Boxing.

Since young, Coach Steve has been deeply influenced by the Caped Crusader crime fighting abilities.


He picked up his 1st martial art of Taekwondo when he was 16. 2 years later, he discovered Boxing and have since been hooked by it. Known for his masterful pad holding skills, you can be sure to get a pretty good upper body workout, while learning speed and skills all at the same time.


Coach Steve aims to pass on the skills of counter punching made famous by Floyd Mayweather Jr.  With his jovial and positive vibe, members always enjoy a good training session. His famous words “strict but not sadistic” will ensure members learn the skills progressively in an engaging and safe environment without feeling overwhelmed.

Kru Supachai.jpg


Head Coach Farong Thailand.

Known to most people as Kru Ping Pong, Coach Supachai started fighting at the tender age of 11. 

With 145 wins out of 200 fights combined in both Thailand and Korea, Coach Supachai has amassed a vast knowledge of different fighting styles from opponents spanning across the globe. 

His strict requirements of mastering the basics of basics has groomed many accomplished fighters. His signature grin is the warning sign that the storm is about to begin.

Passing on the joy of training MuayThai is his personal goal, most people end the session yearning for more. Some say its addictive. 

1995 East Thailand Champion       52kg

2007 WMC Evolution Champion     66kg

2011 King of the Ring Champion    66 kg

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Hours of operation 

Mon-Friday: 11AM to 9PM

Saturday: 10AM to 1PM

Sun: Closed

contact us

11D Hong Kong street

Singapore 059653



Tel: +65 81278628 (Coach G.L)

       +65 97587211 (Coach Steve)

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